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Throughout my life, I have always had an affinity for working with the elderly, not only because they can teach us many life lessons, but they may in fact hold the key to the meaning of life. Guided by my desire to live a full and rich life, I have dedicated myself to the needs of the elderly and how best to help them and their families through the aging process and the many challenges it presents.

It was during graduate school, working with homebound seniors, when I realized my calling. I had a client who had very little family involvement and little outside support. As an intern at a local community agency, I was the only advocate and support she had in the world. I immediately recognized that this was not a unique situation and that she was not the only aging person in this position. It was at that moment in my life when I felt that no other senior should ever feel so alone.

I went on to coordinate the Social Work Internship program at a skilled nursing facility where I was employed. I was able to educate and train future social workers to be more sensitive to the needs of the aging population. I now offer my services as an Elder Care Consultant guiding seniors and their families through the complex healthcare system to ensure they get the best care available. I am also available to work with corporations and organizations to help them to provide the most effective programs for their employees and family members who may be facing these difficult decisions.

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